some more sketches from yesterday’s trip to the huntington gardens

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a sketch from today’s trip to the huntington gardens with t-price and karicasady !

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a commission for the beautiful erin of her amazing characters ;3;

a warmup exercise gone too far :x poses from one of my favorite sytycd performances!

trying to do something different to get out of a rut

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a commission from the wonderful tori for a friend!

a commission for katelyn of her adorable OCs, ollie and gigi :)

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a bust commission of lisondepp's wreck-it ralph oc, sugar!

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hey everyone!! i have been getting some requests for drawings and i realized that i never posted any commission info — so here it is. i added a page to my blog listing all of this. i will keep that updated with whether i am closed or open for commissions!

please send me an ask or an email if you have any questions or would like to get a commission :)


  • full color, full body: $24
  • full color, waist up: $16
  • full color, bust: $8


  • additional character, bust/waist up: $8
  • additional character, full body: $16
  • regular frame: $5
  • simple frame: $1

payment up front and via paypal only! paypal email and contact email are both

i am finally watching kill la kill and needed to animate something ;3;

i started dragonfly in amber

a quickie sketch of my new skyrim character. her name is manchego.